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Easy fitness with your Wii?!

I’m all over new ways to get a work out without going to the gym. Not to mention if it incorporates video game consoles. For reason it just makes it that much more enjoyable because I’m playing a game. Now Nintendo comes along now with the Wii in many family households and introduces Wii Fit, formerly known as Wii Health Pack.

Wii Fit

Wii Fit looks like a basic white step on the floor. It actually is the next generation of ‘core’ workouts from home. This little board includes a disk with all sorts of fun games, workouts, and even measure your BMI and center of gravity. The game will keep track of your daily exercises and as well as give you an out of Wii Fitness Age just like the popular Brain Age game.

As of what we know as of right now the game includes specific games such as: Hoola hooping, Ball rolling game with your feet, Step exercises, Hitting soccer balls with head motions, Ski Jumping simulations with bending knees and popping up for jump, Push up exercises, and finally Yoga stances.

This is a new age of gaming why not add games that add fitness to the equation? This is just what Nintendo was thinking about when they came up with the Wii Health Pack.


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Soccer in the Streets

Soccer in the Streets is a non-profit organization with nearly 30 program sites that reach over 4,000 children. The purpose of the organization is to teach less advantaged children to set goals and to make positive choices.


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2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing

Last week, a grand celebration marked the beginning of the one-year countdown to the 2008 summer olympics in Beijing. People gathered in Tiananmen Square to watch fire works and listen to the Olympic Anthem played as over 200 flags from the National Olympic Committees were joined on stage.

“Every emblem of the Olympics tells a story.”

“Dancing Beijing” is the emblem of the 2008 Summer Olympics and it represents “the Olympic epic inscribed by the spirit of the Chinese nation, calligraphed by the deeper import of the ancient civilization, and molded by the character of Cathay’s descendents.” (More information on the emblem.

According to the official web site, at least 12 new venues have been created to accomodate the olympics, including the national stadium, the national aquatics center, the national indoor stadium, beijing shooting range hall,  shunyi olympic rowing-canoeing park, china agricultural university gymnasium, beijing university of technology gymnasium, university of science and technology beijing gymnasium, and the olympic green tennis center.

A detailed schedule has also been placed online that includes each sport and when competitions will take place. (Download it in XLS format).

Olympics Fun
Desktop Backgrounds

The Olympics have a long-standing history as they began in 776 BC in Olympia, Greece. Later in 1894 the International Olympic Committee was formed to organize The Olympics and is still highly respected today.


Official Website of the Olympic Movement

International Olympic Committee

The Ancient Olympics

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