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An alternative way to stay fit!

We all know how hard it is to get into the routine of going to the gym. Even right now in my time of life it’s so hard to make time to get back into shape. Yet when I get home I do these things not in any particular order: Turn TV on, search the net, play some online game, read my RSS feeds, Playstation 3, or Nintendo Wii. What I’m getting at is how many of us probably get home and just relax by the TV or play some sort of console or game in our free time. We get so wrapped up in this that it’s hard to get in our car and drive to the gym or even get in the elevator and go downstairs to the gym. Not only the time to get to the gym gets in the way but the idea of the gas, traffic, cost, etc. too actually makes it a routine. We could try some new alternatives that I used to do myself. All this time that we spend watching the TV or playing any sort of game, translate it into a game where you can actually stay fit. Yup that’s right this might sound crazy but some games can actually keep us in shape.

What games may you ask? The answer is as simple as a three letter acronym: DDR. That’s right Dance Dance Revolution. You’ve probably seen it in any arcade or movie theater you’ve been too. You have probably laughed at all the kids on those weird machines with arrows scrolling up the screen. Well guess what this is one of the easiest aerobic exercises you can find. Don’t get me wrong it isn’t as easy as it looks. This is a great alternative to anyone who has a game console at home. It beats going to an overcrowded gym or having the problems of going anywhere. You’ll be in the comfort of your own home and not have anyone around except maybe your spouse to laugh at you (chances are sooner or later they will probably want to try it out and it’ll become a competition).

Chances are if you have any video game console at home you’ll be able to go to any local retail store and pick it up for: Sony Playstation 1 & 2, Nintendo Game Cube, and Microsoft Xbox & Xbox 360. I wouldn’t be surprised if you see new versions of it out for the Nintendo Wii & Playstion 3 in the future. Many people have found to lose around six to eleven pounds with regular use. I would say with my own experience that it builds great endurance and you can really break out a good sweat playing DDR. Many of the new versions of the game have beginner level so you can start from there and become an expert in no time. Also many of the new versions have Work Out Mode so it will keep a track of how many calories you’ve burned in your session. Once you’ve become comfortable I challenge you to go out and invite your friends over to try it out. If you really get into it and purchase an extra mat for your house many of the versions have battle and team play. I know me and my friends use to meet at someone’s house every once in awhile to battle it out over a couple of drinks.

So next time you think hey I can’t find the time or want to go to a crowded gym think hey I could make some of my gaming time into a work out session. Most versions retail for around $60-$80 depending on the quality of mat or amount of mats it brings with the game.



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