Weight Watchers

Weight watcher’s approach to a healthy lifestyle is based on “Four Pillars”, which are behavior, support, exercise and food. They believe you have to work on all four of these areas to be successful.

Weight Watchers Points

There are two different Weight Watchers plans you can follow. There is the flex plan that uses the points system and the core plan that does not use points. The flex plan assigns food a points value based on the food’s calories, fat, and fiber. You are given a “target” number of points you are allowed to consume each day, which is determined by your weight and height and a few other factors. If you stay within your points you should lose weight.

The core plan does not use points at all. It based solely on you eating healthy foods. You can eat as much as it takes for you to feel full because all of the foods are healthy for you. Foods on the core plan include, avocados, potatoes, salsa, brown rice and lean meats. Both plans, however, include “weekly allowances” so you may indulge for a special occasion.

Weight Watchers Points Calculator

So how exactly do you figure out each foods point value? Here is a simple calculation you can use.

Total # of calories / 50

+ Total # of fat grams/ 12

-Total # of dietary fiber grams / 5

= Points Value

For example, if you were going to consume a food that had 100 calories, 24 grams of fat and 10 grams of dietary fiber that foods points value would be 2. Not all foods will come out to even number, in that case just round up.


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