Five Commonly Misdiagnosed Diseases

The following diseases are commonly misdiagnosed:

1. Aortic Dissection
2. Cancer
3. Clogged arteries
4. Heart attack
5. Infection

In order to avoid misdagnosis, you should do the following:

1. Ask your doctor, “What else could my illness be?”
2. Don’t assume no news is not good news.
3. Ask for additional tests.
4. Assume that the doctors don’t talk to one another.
5. Be wary if your doctors are working in shifts.

Read more about misdiagnosed diseases.


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    patricia said,

    sometimes misdiagnosis is due to the lack of syptom a person has not listen to from the body.
    a simple numbness or tingling in the lower jaw can indicate a clogged artery in the heart.
    If it is not persistant or paid attention to, the symptom goes undetected.
    nausea as well is a sign of impending heart attack..along with arm aches..anxiety and unexplained sweating.
    Can appear to be a panic attack…..

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