Tips to Quit Smoking

Tips to quit smoking from four women who were able to do so:

1. If you’re a social smoker, start avoiding situations in which you’d want to smoke.
2. Instead of trying to quit instantly, gradually cut back from the number of cigarettes you smoke.
3. Take a class and learn about nicotine-replacement-therapy options.
4. Realize that you’re in control, not your craving.
5. Set a quit date and start working toward your goal. It will help you gradually prepare.

Read more about the tips at CNN Health.


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  1. 1

    one of the effective way is to make the little daughter of the smoker says something like this, “Dad, please don’t kill yourself. I wan’t you to be there when I’m married”


  2. 2

    exsmoker said,

    Hello All,

    I was reading around some of the posts here and I found interesting things that you guys talk about, I just made a blog about quitting smoking resources and ideas that you might want to check out.
    If someone is interested in this topic just go to; and let me know what you think. Your honest feedback would be greatly appreciated.
    Thanks in advance.

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