Pre-Pregnancy Health

It is key to make sure you are healthy before you become pregnant. Pregnancy can be very rough on a healthy body. Being unhealthy before you become pregnant could complicate the pregnancy and be dangerous for you and your unborn child. It is important that you are up to date on all health check ups such as yearly physicals, dental exams, breast exams, pap smears, etc. Now is not the time to find out you have a medical condition that could cause problems for your pregnancy.

Once you determine that you are healthy enough to become pregnant it is important to stop any bad habits such as drinking alcohol, smoking cigarettes, any drug usage, etc. It is also very important to eat healthy meals and avoid a high caffeine intake. Keep in mind that most women do not realize they are pregnant right away so it’s important to stop these things before you try to conceive as everything you ingest also goes to your baby. It is a good idea to start taking prenatal vitamins as well. They can provide important vitamins essential for you and your baby.

It is very important that you have a regular exercise routine that you follow. This does not have to be anything extreme but a routine that will keep you healthy before, during and after pregnancy. You should always discuss your exercise routine with your doctor while you are pregnant to make sure you are not doing too much or anything that could be harmful. If you establish an exercise routine now and are able to follow some sort of routine throughout your pregnancy there should be no problem getting back to a normal weight after your pregnancy.


Family Planning Fact Sheet


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